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Martin Kornbluh

Martin Scott Kornbluh, a wonderful man who’ll be greatly missed, died on September 16, 2021 at the age of 74. We’ll remember Martin as ever-buoyant, with an irrepressible spirit and an indomitable will. He dealt with life’s difficulties, including the loss of his beloved wife Judy in 2019, with determination, discipline, and an optimistic energy. He was utterly kind and a thoughtful friend to all, always eager to lend a hand or send a card. He was also endlessly curious, and thrived on learning new things, meeting new people, and deepening his connections to those around him.


In lieu of an in-person gathering during these uncertain times, we’ve created this site as a space to remember and celebrate Martin. Though we’ll miss the chance to see you all together and to meet more of the many people whose lives Martin touched, we hope you’ll find as much cheer and comfort as we do in the photos and thoughts collected on these pages. If you'd like to offer memories or reflections for others to enjoy, you can share them here.

Martin Scott Kornbluh

- Born May 10th, 1947, first son of Bettina and Solomon

- Son, brother, husband, uncle, cousin, friend, mayor, mensch, and doting Mets fan

- Lifelong New Yorker

- New York City transit system maven

- Educated at the Lorge School in Manhattan

- Spent his entire career at Admiral Craft Equipment, a kitchen equipment supplier co-founded by his father,  where his knowledge of every item in stock and its location in the vast warehouse was unmatched

- Traveled the world, visiting China, Kenya, the Galapagos Islands, and many parts of Europe

Martin Through the Years

Martin and Family

Martin in the World

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